Gold Standard Pre-Workout Advanced

Gold Standard Pre-Workout Advanced

Scream Supps - Pinhead Intense Pre Workout

✔ Unleash the beast. Pinhead is a super-intense pre-workout supplement, to help you get the most from your workouts

 But be warned - this extreme formula isn't suitable for the faint-hearted!

✔ Pinhead is made with all sorts of highly-concentrated, active ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, Taurine, Creatine, Caffeine and Tyrosine - and thanks to its immediate surge of energy, this stuff is perfect for the serious gym-junkies out there!

✔ Experience increased blood flow to the muscles for enhanced muscle-building

✔ Absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently

✔ Push yourself to the limit thanks to increased exercise capacity

✔ Boosted mental clarity and focus

As low as NZ$48.90
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