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The following tips will help you get the most out of your gear and training.

Always take your gear out of your gym bag to dry out after use; this will help stop it from getting smelly!  

Train hard, train smart and have fun!


Uses: Bag work/Pad work/ Sparring

We recommend everyone wear Boxing Gloves if possible. This will ensure that your hand is in the correct position for punching and there is adequate padding to protect your hands.

Boxing Gloves are sized by the weight of the glove i.e. 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, etc.

Hand sizing increases with the weight of gloves so generally speaking, the bigger the hands, the heavier the glove needed. Many training gyms will recommend that everyone wears a 16oz or bigger glove for sparring.  This is a safety precaution as the extra padding on the glove will lessen the chance of injuries in the gym. Most serious trainees will have one pair of gloves for hitting the bag and the pads, and a separate set for sparring.

Always wear wraps and ask your trainer if unsure.


boxing gloves 













































These items are used by instructors, personal trainers and your training partners in the gym. Each provides a different target to develop striking accuracy, co-ordination and fitness.

While some items such as kick shields and body shields offer a large surface to be struck with full power, smaller targets like focus mitts require more accuracy and technique to be used effectively.   

It is always a good idea to find a qualified instructor to help you in your training or go along to a gym and get some experience in learning how to use these tools.

Our list of gyms and trainers will help you find a good instructor close to you.


 focus pads  


Uses:  MMA Training

In the sport of MMA, use of the hands to grapple and hold the opponent’s limbs is essential. MMA gloves have an open hand and finger design to allow for this.  MMA sparring gloves have thick padding over the knuckles to cushion some of the impact while still allowing freedom of hand to grapple/wrestle. Many MMA practitioners will still use Boxing Gloves for striking workouts or stand-up sparring due to the extra protection they provide. 




Boxing hand wraps are a must for ANYONE BOXING. No one should hit pads or train on a bag without wraps and proper boxing gloves.

Regardless if you train for fitness/fun, self-defence or competition, you should wear hand wraps and a proper boxing glove. The experienced boxer already knows this, so you at home should do the same. 

Wearing wraps and gloves will ensure your hands are protected and your training progress is not set back by injuries. This is especially important in the early stages of training as the hands are not accustomed to impact and correct punching technique can take time to develop.

Wraps serve two important purposes; firstly to protect the bones, connective tissue and skin of the hand and secondly, to absorb sweat from hand which will help your gloves last longer.  Much like socks and shoes, wraps will help stop your gloves from smelling/rotting.

Our wraps are elasticated – this means that like a crepe bandage they stretch to provide compression while wrapping around the hand and fingers easily without coming loose and crunching up in the glove during use.

We have wraps available in both 2.5m and 4m lengths and are sold in pairs.  The 4m wraps are suitable for most hands while the 2.5m wraps are better suited to youths or those with smaller hands.

Basic instructions on how to wrap hands are included on the package.  If unsure, ask your trainer to show you as there are different methods that can be used.  

Wash wraps separately or with like colours in the machine as the dye will often bleed out, especially when new.  Thumb loops and Velcro have a tendency to cause a tangled mess in the machine so using a small mesh wash bag can help prevent this.  Hang dry and roll up to be ready for your next training session! 








Uses: Light Bag/Pad work

Bag mitts are less padded than Boxing Gloves and are more suited to those hitting a softer fill punching bag or floor to ceiling ball. These should not be used for sparring as the padding will not provide adequate protection to either the user’s hands or the sparring partner’s head/body.

Again, always wear wraps.