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Elevation Training Mask 2.0

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Training Mask is a completely portable, lightweight breathing resistance device designed to increase lung capacity, strengthen breathing muscles and teach correct breathing - helping you meet your training goals without breaking the bank How does it work? Our multi-level resistance system reduces air flow through our patented (PAT.8.590.533 B2) 'Resistance Training Device' flux valve system. Training Mask promotes increased lung capacity by forcing you to inhale fuller deeper breaths (breathing against resistance). When your body adapts to the resistance your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use oxygen more efficiently. How does this happen? When you breathe against resistance the lining in the lungs essentially stretches out allowing the alveoliā€™s surface area to become 'stretched', and this in return allows for more blood flow to the alveoli for improved delivery of oxygen to the muscles. When you increase the alveoli surface area you effectively increase the transfer of oxygen to red blood cells. There are many breathing devices and respiratory trainers used by professional athletes for sports performance, and by other users for general health and fitness. Some of these devices are invented to increase strength of the respiratory muscles. Numerous clinical trials have found that these devices result in increases endurance and VO2max (maximum oxygen absorption during most intensive exercise), improved lung function tests (VEF, PEF, FVC, and VEmax), lower heart rate for the same load, reduced medication (drugs) dependency and symptoms, improve quality of life scores and lead to other beneficial health effects.


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