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our products have been extensively tested in NZ gyms before being brought to market and offered throughout our network of resellers around the country (click here!). Our new website aims to provide a hub of information about the equipment we supply.  If you come to our shop you will see that we have everything that you need to be kitted out safely and comfortably either in the ring or the gym. 

Whether you're into boxing for the fitness, starting out in the amateurs or a seasoned pro we have the products and the knowledge to allow you to do what you do best, boxing.


NZ Boxer can also provide a customizing service. This can be as simple as a pair of shorts for a corporate fight to supplying team wear for fighters going overseas to customized Boxing rings. We pride ourselves on being the choice of pro Gyms across the country. Our range is growing by the day and we have an extensive range covering all areas of fight sports and disciplines. If there's anything you need in the fight world, come and see us or contact us on 0800BOXING.