Twins Leather Thai Pads (Medium)

Twins Leather Thai Pads (Medium)

Twins Leather Thai Pads (Large)

✔ The Twins Special Muay Thai Pad with velcro is made to handle the world-class punsihment that top fighters dish out

 It comes with a velcro arm lock which gives a greast fit and convenience and allows for quick transititons

 Ideal for training round kicks, knee strickes and overall striking, it can be used in conjunction with a twins bellly protector and punching mitt

✔ These durable, long-lasting muay thai pads provide all the performance and resiliance that world competitors require

 Craftsmansip and rugged design

Training goals: These pads will help you get there. 

✔ Sold as pairs only sizes: Large - 16'' x 8" x 4"

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